MTRCB forms(for video products only): Application for Rating, Schedule of fees, Application for Registration, Display of Rating Optical Media Board forms: Affidavit of undertaking, Guidelines for Reg.&Licensing, Application for registration,Application for replication permit


Here are documents which we require for business transactions; you can conveniently download and send filled and signed documents to us via fax or snail mail.

The files require an MSword 97/2000 compatible editor in order to read the files. Click here to find out more about the MS Word Viewer.
  Identification Requirements

1. Proof of License

2. Authorization to Replicate

3. Indemnity Letter

Proof of license
This should identify the customer as the owner or the party authorized by the principal owner to replicate the materials in the Philippines. This should indicate the title and the type of medium, whether CD or DVD and the format (audio, video or ROM).

Indemnity Letter or "Non-liability Waiver"
This letter must be drafted in your company's letterhead and properly endorsed by your company's authorized signatory. This letter holds F.A.S. Development Corporation harmless against all claims, demands, losses, damages arising from customer's representations.

Authorization to Replicate
This letter authorizes F.A.S. Development Corporation to replicate for your company and claims that your company own the exclusive rights as to the replication, publication, distribution, performance, marketing and sales of the said title.

Disclaimer: Information is subject to change w/o notice. Kindly call our office for confirmation.